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Over 200 Mobikes To Cover Gateshead!

Photo Credit: Gateshead Council

Mobike, the smart bike sharing company, have now rolled out over 200 bikes to add to the current Newcastle scheme, to now cover onto Gateshead.

Mobike and Gateshead Council have been working together as The Great Exhibition Of The North begins, and believes this will benefit those taking part.

Councillor, Cyclist and Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, John McElroy, recently said “We are delighted to welcome Mobikes to Gateshead. In fact, they are already a regular sight in Gateshead so there’s clearly an unmet demand for the service.
“We are especially pleased to welcome Mobikes to Gateshead in time for the Great Exhibition of the North. We are sure they will offer visitors the perfect way to travel to and from some of the great events we have planned this summer on Tyneside.
“Bike sharing is relatively new in this area, but people will quickly learn that using and parking the bikes responsibly keeps the system running for everyone as a healthy and sustainable way of getting around.”

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