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Residents Object Against Planning Application for Telecommunications Tower Installation.

Dunston Residents are objecting against planning application to install a 17.5 metre (50 ft) telecommunications mast, four equipment cabinets, associated works has been submitted. This will be around the West of St.Nicholas Church, Dunston and the mast would be situated just outside the entrance to the left of the Christmas tree and the cabinets to the left and right of the large stone in the pathway entrance to the Church. The height of the mast will be taller than the Church and 20/25ft taller than the tree.

St Nicholas Church and Dunston Residents say this is clearly NOT ACCEPTABLE, and are asking all residents to act immediately.

The Parochial Church Council have lodged an objection and Rev David Atkinson is organising flyers to be distributed among the local community.

“PLEASE object on line at
Then type into the search bar: DC/18/00591/TDPA
(Planning Application)
Register for an account and make a ‘public objection comment’.
Let’s stop this now! Thank you.


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