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Teams’ Clasper Towers Adventure Playground To Be Demolished

Photo Credit: Newcastle Chronicle

Clasper Towers Adventure Playground is set to be demolished by Gateshead Council.

The once much-loved play area has been closed for some time and was in need of maintenance, and now, has become ‘too dangerous’ and needs demolishing. The original plan for the Playground was part of a housing redevelopment scheme, however, over 200 families were forced out of their homes due to anti-social behaviour.

Gateshead Council say “Clasper Towers adventure playground closed some years ago as it had gradually become dangerous for children to use and there were no funds to either repair or maintain it. It has been mothballed ever since.

“Although this whole area is part of a major housing redevelopment, there are presently no proposals or agreed plans for the playground site.

“Any future housing development on the Clasper Village site will have strict planning conditions imposed to ensure that it incorporates adequate play facilities.”

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